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Post  Angelique on Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:26 am

Due the progressive killing of 25 man format from Blizzard, the latest news is that both 10 man and 25 man will share Server Fist FoS, Paradigma decided to change direction from Cataclysm and beyond pointing to a more flexible model.

The progress content will be faced with two 10 man raids composed by the best players in the guild, those two teams will have ideally 13-14 players each ready to fight for Server First FoS and high position on Europe ranking.

What Paradigma can offer for Cataclysm?

2 raiding squads filled with skilled and mature players:

- Three raiding days a week based on progress needs!
- Extended hours on progress
- Early starting on new patch content, we do have a nolifer rank.
- Full PTR experience
- Each raid with a roster of 14 people with a 90%+ attendance

The list of people in both teams are not fixed, it may change every reset based on the guild needs.

The two teams will merge to face encounters in 25 man during farming process.

The guild will also setup a dedicated PVP Team who will be in charge to organize Rated Battleground, Arena Team, and any PVP based events.

the PvP team:

- This will be a PvP team lead by the best PvP Players of the Guild.
- Organized Rated BG with calendar schedule support!
- Organized Guild Arena Teams
- World PVP Events

Actually, we are looking for exceptional players to fit in our PvE Teams and PVP players to build our PvP Team!

I hope you will all enjoy the upcoming expansion!

<The Paradigma Team>


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