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Paradigma guild rules

Post  Angelique on Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:02 pm

To all potential applicants, we want to advice you to carefully read through the entire content of this information, we are not looking to increase our guild count dramatically, and we will only accept the top quality applicants.

When it comes to raiding, <Paradigma> is a serious PvE guild.

We try our very best to progress through raid content to satisfy our lust for the obstacles and dungeons Blizzard throws at us.
Because of this, we have taken a strict approach when dealing with the members, to make sure we squeeze out every last bit of potential we possibly can from our wonderful collection of people.

We need your full co-operation when raiding, meaning no slacking and no taking long breaks. Now, of course, with that comes responsibility. If we notice someone is constantly going afk during raids, or constantly not giving it their all, you may be asked to leave the guild.

All new members of <Paradigma> will be put onto a trial base, period usually last around 2-3 weeks, depending on how you perform, your attendance and general attitude. During this period, your chance to obtain gear is almost nihil.

However, when you pass your trial, if offciers notice a decrease in performance, lack of concentration/slacking, you will be put back on the trial base with a warning, and can choose to accept it or optional leave the guild.

You are not expected to raid every single day, as that will just accumulate a lot of pressure for your real life, however it is a really big plus if you do.

Our raid starts at 20:00 and ends at 23:00.

Raiding days are:


Raiding groups:there will be 2 groups of 10 players each reset progressing/farming content.

Friday and Saturday are offdays.

During the raid, you are expected to listen to the raid leader/officers fully. When a officer questions you for doing something they thought was wrong, please do not get defensive and aggressive, but rather take it to whispers and explain yourself as best as possible.

Remember, we're just trying to progress, and not necessarily pick on people for wrong doings. If you have any problems, you do not take it in the raid/guild chat during a raid, at all.

Respect your fellow guild members.

Must haves!

If you use your mouse buttons for clicking the spells in your spellbook don't even bother applying.

Good english skills, spoken and written.
if words like LOL LEET IMBA are your daily ingame vocabulary, I suggest applying elsewhere.

Knowledge of your class.
We only consider people that feel confident that they know their class to the fullest, have excellent player skills, and are able to think on their own as well if the situation requires it.

A positive attitude.
Social,helpful and ESPECIALLY no drama queen or lootwhore.

Stable internet connection and computer that can handle raiding situations.
We can't afford wasting time for random DC's or people that can't see the green stuff.

Self sufficiency in game.
We have bank tabs for consumables and repair, this doesnt mean you can be a low life scrub.
Guildbank provides Flasks and consumables for EVERY raid, progress and farm.

At least 18y. old.
Speaks for itself.

Able to use Ventrilo 3.0.1.
Microphone is not needed.

If you do not understand the rules don't hesitate to contact an officer in game or message us in the forums.

These are the <Paradigma> guild rules, if you don't accept them close your web page and don't bother applying.


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